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Bubble Tea Catering in Brussels, Belgium

Are you planning an event in Brussels and looking to impress your guests with something unique and refreshing? Look no further than Pearl Lemon Boba’s bubble tea catering services! Our bespoke bubble tea offerings are perfect for any occasion and provide a delightful twist to your gatherings. 

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, wedding, or private party, our delicious bubble tea will leave a lasting impression. Plus, if you want to expand your beverage options, we also offer coffee catering in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Trust us to bring an exciting and memorable experience to your event in Brussels.

Our Bubble Tea Catering Services

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we offer comprehensive bubble tea catering services for various Brussels events. Our team is dedicated to bringing a fun and unique experience to your event, ensuring your guests enjoy every moment. 

Whether it’s a corporate event, a private celebration, or a public gathering, we provide a refreshing twist with our delightful bubble tea. We serve all areas in Brussels, including Ixelles, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, and Central Brussels, ensuring everyone can enjoy our premium bubble tea offerings.

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Corporate Events

Impress your colleagues and clients with our refreshing bubble tea. Perfect for conferences, meetings, and corporate parties, our catering service adds a unique touch to any professional event in Central Brussels and the Ixelles.

Wedding Services

Make your special day even more memorable with our exquisite bubble tea. Our catering service is perfect for weddings, providing a refreshing and unique drink option for your guests in Uccle and Saint-Gilles.

Public Events

Enhance your public events with our bubble tea catering. Ideal for festivals, fairs, and community gatherings, we bring our delightful drinks to large Etterbeek and Central Brussels crowds.

Private Party Catering

Host an unforgettable private party with our bubble tea catering service. Whether it’s a house party or a garden gathering, we serve delicious drinks that your guests will love in Ixelles and Uccle.

Festival and Fair Catering

Our bubble tea adds a refreshing twist to festivals and fairs. We cater to large public events, ensuring everyone can enjoy our unique drinks in Saint-Gilles and Etterbeek.

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Family and Friends Gathering

Our bubble tea catering brings a fun and refreshing element to your family and friends’ gatherings. It is perfect for reunions and casual get-togethers in Central Brussels and Ixelles.


Birthday Parties

Celebrate birthdays with a splash of flavour. Our bubble tea catering service makes birthday parties more enjoyable with various delicious drinks for guests of all ages in Uccle and Saint-Gilles.


Signature Bubble Tea Flavours and Options

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of signature bubble tea flavours that cater to Brussels’s unique tastes. 

Each drink is crafted with high-quality ingredients and a touch of local flair, ensuring a delightful experience for every guest. Our signature flavours are perfect for events in Brussels, including Ixelles, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, and Central Brussels. 

Find out our exclusive Belgian-inspired bubble tea options that will leave your guests craving more.

Classic Belgian Chocolate Bubble Tea

Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of our Classic Belgian Chocolate Bubble Tea. This flavour is a favourite at Central Brussels and Ixelles events, offering a luxurious treat that pairs perfectly with any occasion.

Speculoos Cookie Bubble Tea

Enjoy the sweet and spicy notes of our Speculoos Cookie Bubble Tea, a true Belgian delight. Ideal for events in Uccle and Saint-Gilles, this flavour brings your guests the beloved taste of Speculoos cookies in a refreshing bubble tea.

Belgian Berry Bliss Bubble Tea

Experience the fruity freshness of our Belgian Berry Bliss Bubble Tea. This vibrant flavour is perfect for gatherings in Etterbeek and Central Brussels, providing a burst of berry goodness that complements any celebration.

Our Catering Process: From Order to Delivery

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we ensure an effortless catering experience from when you contact us to the final clean-up after your event. Our dedicated team takes care of every detail, providing a stress-free service that allows you to focus on enjoying your event. We cater to all areas in Brussels, including Ixelles, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, and Central Brussels, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for our clients.

Initial Consultation and Tasting Session

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your event’s needs and preferences. During this session, we offer a tasting of our signature bubble tea flavours, helping you choose the perfect options for your event.

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Customised Catering Plan

We create a customised catering plan based on your preferences to meet your event’s requirements. This plan includes the selection of flavours, the number of servings, and any special requests you may have.

On-Site Setup and Service

Our team arrives early on the day of your event to set up the bubble tea station. We handle everything from equipment setup to serving your guests, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Post-Event Clean-Up

After the event, we cleaned up and left the venue as we found it. Our team ensures that everything is tidied up, allowing you to relax and enjoy the success of your event without any hassle.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Boba for Your Bubble Tea Catering in Brussels?

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding bubble tea catering experience in Brussels. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand the unique tastes and preferences of the local community, ensuring that every event we cater is memorable. 

Our services extend to all areas of Brussels, including Ixelles, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, and Central Brussels, making us the go-to choice for bubble tea catering in the city.

Expert Craftsmanship and High-Quality Ingredients

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients for our bubble tea. From premium tea leaves to freshly prepared tapioca pearls, our drinks are crafted with care and expertise, ensuring a delicious experience for every guest.

Customisable Bubble Tea Options for Every Event

Our menu offers a wide variety of bubble tea flavours and toppings, allowing you to customise your selections to fit your event’s theme and your guests’ preferences. Whether you prefer classic flavours or innovative new combinations, we have something for everyone.

Experienced and Professional Catering Team

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering excellent service. We manage every aspect of the catering process, from initial planning to on-site service and clean-up, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Local Expertise

Our deep understanding of Brussels and its vibrant community allows us to cater to its unique needs. We have extensive experience serving various areas, including Ixelles, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, and Central Brussels. 

This local knowledge ensures that we can provide a personalised and effortless catering experience designed to each neighbourhood’s specific requirements.

Enhance your event with Pearl Lemon Boba’s Bubble Tea Catering!

Ready to make your next event in Brussels unforgettable? Contact Pearl Lemon Boba today for a bespoke bubble tea catering experience your guests will love. Our expert team is here to help you create a memorable and enjoyable event with delicious and customisable bubble tea options tailored to your needs. 

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, wedding, or oral event, our catering services are designed to impress and delight.

Don’t wait! Reach out now to discuss your event details and schedule a tasting session. Let us bring bubble tea’s vibrant and refreshing taste to your celebration. 

Fill out our contact form, call us, or email us to start planning your perfect event with Pearl Lemon Boba. Your guests will thank you for it!


We can accommodate various dietary requirements, including vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary needs during the initial consultation so we can design our menu to suit all your guests.

We provide all necessary serving materials, including cups, straws, and napkins. We aim to make the catering process as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you and your guests.

Absolutely! We offer on-site staff to serve the bubble tea at your event, ensuring a professional and smooth service. Our friendly and experienced staff will manage the setup, service, and clean-up, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.