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Learn How To Refresh And Delight Your Guests With Our Bubble Tea Catering

Bubble Tea Catering

Bubble Tea Catering

Bubble milk tea in a plastic cup

A spectacular celebration is a must for special occasions, no matter what they are. And bubble tea is one of the most exciting drink trends in the world right now. Treating your guests to refreshing, premium bubble tea whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding reception, business event, or family reunion just makes sense. And bringing some bubble tea magic to your party is simple with the help of Pearl Lemon Boba’s bubble tea catering service.

With the use of our flexible catering options, you can spread the joy and excitement that comes along with consuming our bubble tea beverages at your party or event. Pearl Lemon Boba is ready to deliver fresh, excellent bubble tea for every occasion, whether you need to cater bubble tea for 30 guests or 300!

Seriously, there are very few events that bubble tea catering won’t enhance, from small family gatherings and informal company events to large trade fairs and once in a lifetime celebrations such as weddings and engagement parties. Pearl Lemon Boba is the ideal choice to provide bubble tea catering because we are beverage experts and are already widely known for serving some of the best bubble tea in the city via our London café.

What is Bubble Tea?

Maybe you’ve seen bubble tea, but you aren’t quite sure what it is. Maybe you’re a bit confused because the stuff you saw didn’t seem to have any bubbles, although there were strange balls at the bottom of the cup??? You, like lots of others, may be unsure of the definition of bubble tea. Which is OK, as we’ll be happy to clue you in.

Bubble tea is a delicious mixture of tea and other delicious edible goodies that may be served hot or cold and is frequently spiced up with jelly, tapioca pearls, or other scrumptious ingredients.

After trying this refreshing drink, which is also frequently referred to as milk tea or boba tea, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to order more. With our bubble tea catering, we here at Pearl Lemon Boba will be happy to treat you and your guests to a range of flavours of your new favourite drink.

You might however be interested in learning more about the origins and definition of bubble tea. What ARE those objects at the bottom that are floating? Why are the straws provided with bubble tea so big? Why all the commotion and hype on social media? Why would attendees to my event appreciate bubble tea catering over other, more conventional catering options?

iced bubble tea
Milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls in glass, gray background.

Those who have never had traditional bubble tea may indeed find it strange. The drink is pastel colored and has what appear to be small floating balls in the bottom. Bubble tea begins with tea: black tea, green tea, fruit tea, it’s your choice. After that milk, fruit, or even our hand-crafted coffee, and tapioca—seen as chewy pearls at the bottom—are added. To finish off a spectacular fake cocktail, we can add ice, sprinkles, sweets and more.

All-natural bubble tea uses tapioca pearls, which come in a variety of flavours. Using a long, wide straw, the pearls are easily removed from the bottom of the cup (or your fingers, we have no problem with that).

The possibilities for customizing bubble or boba tea to fit your preferences via our bubble tea catering services are almost endless; in this manner, it’s comparable to a cappuccino or a milkshake. When you visit Pearl Lemon Boba, you’ll find one of London’s largest ranges of bubble tea options and add-ins, and we can take that scrumptious variety on the go and deliver it directly to you thanks to our bubble tea catering services.

Where Did Bubble Tea Come From?

Although some of the best bubble tea can be found at Pearl Lemon Boba, we didn’t invent it (although we have perfected it, and added some twists of our own.)

Bubble tea culture began in Taiwan in the late 1980s, although its exact origins – and just who really invented; it are still a matter of serious debate (and some lawsuits). Milk tea was already well-known and much-loved in Taiwan, where tea consumption is extremely prevalent. Tapioca balls and shaved ice were two other popular street food snacks at the time.

At some point, someone had the brilliant idea to put tapioca balls on the bottom, a layer of shaved ice on top, and milk tea on top of that.

Bubble tea
Bubble milk tea on wooden table

As bubble tea became more popular in Taiwan, tea stall owners began putting fruit boba—fruit powders and syrups—into their bubble teas instead of actual fruit. Other popular topping choices were red beans, almond jelly, grass jelly, and egg pudding in addition to tapioca balls. To give the beverage its sweet, creamy flavour, non-dairy creamer or nut milk was frequently substituted for milk in traditional bubble tea.

It was a no-brainer to add bubble tea to our expanding menu and to our catering services after experiencing it ourselves in a number of foreign countries and loving every sip. Having done that, bubble tea catering in London is now among our most sought-after services.

Bubble Tea Catering for Personal Events

Whatever the occasion, you obviously want it to be a special event that your guests will enjoy now and remember with pleasure in the future. That is why so many people spend a lot of time agonizing over what they should serve their guests in terms of food and drink, since the catering decisions you make can have a significant impact on that.

In addition to being new and much in-demand, bubble tea catering is a fantastic way to cater to a wide range of individual tastes, as well as to bring novelty and colour to your event and even to personalize it and match it to a theme.

Teenagers especially like the concept of a bubble tea bar at their birthday party, but we can tailor our bubble tea catering services to suit events of any size, from a little child’s birthday party to a sizable wedding.

Couples adore our bubble tea bars for their wedding because they can be customized to match their wedding theme, from the colours of the bubble tea, the straws, and the cups to the variety of flavours and topping options on offer, and not only wow their guests and make them talk about how cool they are during and after the event.

Bubble tea

Bubble Tea Catering for Business Events

Catering decisions for professional occasions can be just as challenging as those for private ones. It can even be trickier given how frequently your company’s reputation depends on its brand. After that big trade show, how would you like your business to be viewed? As the company that gave booth visitors boring cold water bottles, or as the company with the truly amazing bubble tea bar and beverages that looked as good as they tasted?

Businesses can choose our bubble tea catering services for meetings, trade shows, formal employee gatherings, company picnics, and a variety of other events. To make it even more memorable, we can brand the bubble tea cups and boba straws used with your company’s name and logo. You can also customize the menu, the bubble tea toppings, and the extras to your preferences.


We Want To Help Make Your Next Event a Bubble Tea Blast!

Make your event an experience with Pearl Lemon Boba’s bubble tea catering! We offer a highly personalised service to all our clients, and even ensure that no two events are ever quite the same!

Your favourite Pearl Lemon Baba speciality teas are available, or you can create your own totally original bubble tea cocktails with whatever flavour and base you can think of. Choose from our full service bubble catering options, which include ‘bubble baristas’ on hand to serve, or one of our DIY bubble tea bars to accommodate as many guests as you like. To discuss your bubble tea catering needs and how we can meet them, while exceeding your expectations – contact Pearl Lemon Boba today!


Bubble tea catering can be suitable for many events, such as private parties, corporate events, weddings, and festivals. It’s a popular choice for events that want something unique and refreshing for their guests.

The bubble tea flavors for catering can vary depending on the provider, but they may include popular flavors such as milk tea, matcha tea, taro, and fruity. Some providers may offer custom flavors or allow customers to create bubble tea combinations.

It’s best to book your bubble tea catering services as soon as you have a date for your event or at least a week before the event. We recommend you contact us and check the booking process and availability.

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