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Make Your Customers Happy By Offering Delicious Drinks Using Our Bubble Tea Machines

The tea-based beverage known as bubble tea, originally from Taiwan, has become very popular in recent years. Initially a favourite among Taiwanese children, it has gained popularity among adults due to its sweet flavour, wide variety of flavour combinations, distinctive ingredients, and health advantages.

When making bubble tea, milk, tapioca balls, or fruit jelly are added to a black, green, or white tea base. The mixture is frequently combined with ice to produce a smooth or slushy beverage. Although you can use many different fruits and syrups to make bubble tea, bubble milk green tea and bubble milk tea are the most well-liked options.

Hundreds or thousands of different bubble tea combinations are available by combining fruit jellies, milk, and teas.

The popularity of bubble tea is evident from the fact that the bubble tea market is overgrowing and is estimated to reach $4.3 billion by 2027

It is the right time to work on your bubble tea business, and updating it by getting bubble tea machines is one of the practical measures.

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we have top-notch bubble tea machines that save you time without compromising on the quality of the boba drinks. We also have customised machines to make your work process smooth.

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Significance Of Having Bubble Tea Machine

The well-known beverage bubble tea ingredients include tea, milk, and tapioca balls. These components are adequately blended and disseminated throughout the mixture with the aid of the shaking machine.

Other drinks, including milkshakes or smoothies, can be made using customised machines. However, as the ingredients in bubble tea tend to separate if they are not thoroughly combined, giving the drink a good shake before serving is advised. 

Using our machine, you can produce your drinks with greater consistency. Additionally, it can help reduce the time and labour expenses involved in making bubble tea. Our customised machine is a fantastic method to grow your bubble tea business.

Enhance Bubble Tea Production

One advantage of employing our specialised machine is that it can quicken the bubble tea preparation procedure. With a shaking machine, you just add the ingredients; the machine will take care of the rest. It can help you save a tonne of time, especially if you’re preparing bubble tea for a sizable crowd.

Providing precise results is another advantage of employing a shaking machine. It might be challenging to achieve consistent results while making bubble tea by hand. It’s challenging to manage how much you shake. Our machine will allow you to programme the components for a predetermined period, which can assist in producing more consistent results.

Overall, if you want to hasten the production of bubble tea and achieve more reliable outcomes, employing our customised shaking machine can be helpful.

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Maximum Effectiveness

A customised shaking machine can assist in making your production process more effective. Stop wasting time and motion by using a customised machine to your needs. Your overall production rate may rise as a result of this.

More precise movement: You can be confident that the movement of the parts will be more precise when you use our customised shaking machine. It can aid in raising the calibre of your products and lowering scrap rates.

Enhanced safety: Using a specialised shaking machine can also help to improve workplace safety. You can avoid potential risks by using a customised machine to your needs. It could contribute to making your employees’ workplaces safer.

Individualised Shaking Speeds

You can change the pace to suit your demands when using our machine, which is one of its advantages.

The container size determines your options for primary shaking machines. Using our specialised shaking machine, you can pick any size container. It is beneficial if you combine a lot of liquid or have a tiny container.

Ability To Simultaneously Make Many Drinks

Making several drinks at once is one advantage of a specialised shaking machine. It is beneficial if you throw a party or event with many guests. You can produce a variety of drinks simultaneously with our shaking machine, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy their preferred drink.


Our machine can make your life easier and guarantee everyone receives the ideal drink if you are holding an event or party.

Milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls in glass, gray background.

Get Our Bubble Tea Machines For Better Quality Boba Drinks

Using any old bubble tea utensil to make a cup of bubble tea is unnecessary and irrelevant. However, there are advantages to employing a commercial bubble tea machine to prepare drinks at your coffee shop. 

There are several varieties of boba machines, each improving your company’s efficiency. At Pearl Lemon Boba, we offer automatic bubble tea shaker machines that work fast and evenly to blend the boba tea mix powders for your boba cups. Additionally, a plastic or cellophane cup sealer machine will let you seal the tops of the cups, giving your customers the delight of penetrating the bubble tea sealing sheet with the slanted tip of a boba straw.

We have a wide variety of boba machines you need for your bubble tea store. View our bubble tea machines collection to determine which will help your shop run efficiently. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about our other boba tea products, including our bubble tea kits, bubble tea jellies, and a wide range of additional boba brand items for your bubble tea menus.


You can provide your customers with consistent boba tea if you have a boba tea machine. The water used to prepare boba drinks is heated while the contents are stirred in boba cookers.

Avoid putting this in the fridge or freezer; keep it at room temperature or slightly warmer. Eating the cooked tapioca pearls within 8 to 10 hours is recommended. Using the tapioca pearls the same day they are prepared is strongly advised (within 8-10 hours).

Bring water into the steamer after filling it. Put day-old boba or pearls in a bowl or plate and place them on the steaming rack. Pearls should steam for a few minutes. Reintroduce them to your beverage after they have had a chance to cool.

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