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There aren’t many beverages out there that you might call fun. Water is the most basic of beverages. Tea and juice add a little extra zing, but they’re not thrilling. And what about coffee? It’s practical, to be sure, but it’s unlikely to amaze you. It isn’t easy to find something that truly stands out in a sea of familiar options and tried-and-true standards. This is where our Bubble Tea Subscription Box UK comes in.

Bubble tea is a beverage unlike any other: it’s fancier than iced tea, wackier than sparkling water, and kookier than a milkshake. It’s a drink that you can eat and comes in a variety of innovative flavors. It’s usually served with a bright straw.

Is it even possible to drink bubble tea and not smile? We challenge you to give it a shot. Increasing your bubble tea consumption is an excellent place to start if you want more unfettered joy. And if you’d want a month-to-month supply? We have a Bubble Tea Subscription Box for that. Plus, if you’re interested in mastering bubble tea, we also offer comprehensive bubble tea training.

What is Bubble Tea Subscription UK?

Kind of know what bubble tea is but you’ve never tried it? Allow us to introduce you to your next obsession…

Taiwan is the indisputable bubble tea capital of the world: a boba break, not a coffee run, is the go-to midday caffeine fix, and a shoulder-slung bubble tea cupholder is a must-have item. These refreshing cups of sweet, creamy, chewy delight — also known as “boba tea” and “pearl milk tea” — have become a go-to beverage throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and now the United Kingdom over the last several decades. If you’re inspired by the bubble tea craze and want to be part of this growing trend, consider starting your own boba tea franchise.

Boba Tea
Bubble tea

Because we Londoners like to be first in on the best trends, Pearl Lemon Tea has been serving up delightful bubble teas at our Fulham base, Pearl Lemon Cafe, since we opened. Our customers love our coffee, but as the morning stretches on, and the afternoon looms, more and more of them are sliding over to the bubble tea station, trying out these tantalizing teas, and then coming back for more every time they feel like they deserve a treat. We’re even expanding our services to include bubble tea catering Fulham, bringing our delicious teas to your special events.

If you’re in the area, you can stop in and do the same. But what if you’re not, and in your area, a bubble tea near me Google search is coming up with nothing? Then a Pearl Lemon Tea subscription box UK is the answer! We offer fast, convenient bubble tea delivery to locations across the UK, and if you want an easy way to add some extra joy to your day – while also impressing your friends and enhancing your Insta feed, it’s perfect for all of that too. And if you are in Fulham, just look for the bubble tea store near me Fulham to get your fix directly from our cafe.


Bubble Tea Subscription Boxes for Business

While our bespoke bubble tea subscriptions are the perfect choice for individual boba lovers, we are helping all kinds of businesses enhance their base offerings with tea subscription box UK options and bubble tea subscription boxes for business too. And all kinds of businesses are benefiting from what they provide.

Bubble Tea Subscription Boxes for Restaurants and Cafes

The competition for diners’ attention is fierce, no matter where your restaurant or cafe might be located, and adding something to your menu that immediately helps you stand out can only be a good thing. While your forte may be creating the best in food, your customers increasingly expect an exciting beverage experience to accompany their meal too, and that is exactly what monthly tea subscription box will provide.

Preparing Bubble Tea
glass of bubble tea on wooden table

Bubble Tea Subscriptions for Service Businesses

Providing an all-around great customer experience is something every service business strives to do, and for years, for lots of them, these efforts have included offering clients complimentary beverages, usually tea or coffee.

Adding bubble teas to those offerings via a Pearl Lemon Tea boba membership will take your customer’s experience with you to a whole new level, and there are other benefits for your business too. You can also buy bubble tea from Pearl Lemon Boba.

Bubble tea is hot and trendy, and people seem to enjoy posting pictures of their bubble teas to their social media feeds almost as much as they do drinking them. Offer them a bubble tea while they wait to get their hair done, their car fixed, their dog groomed and more, and the chances are good that it will end up posted on Instagram or Snapchat fast. If you’ve tagged it’s great free marketing and will even help to position your business brand as one that’s ahead of the curve (as well as basically very cool.

Babo Drink
glass of bubble tea on wooden table

Bubble Tea Subscriptions for Offices

Smart employers know that for employees, exciting little perks are always welcome. It’s the reason so many HR managers ensure that employees have easy access to free coffee in the mornings, or that a monthly pizza party is always on the calendar. But both of those can become mundane, and employees often no longer see them to be as exciting as they once were.

A weekly bubble tea bash? That is something different, and something employees will love.

Why Pearl Lemon Boba for Bubble Tea Subscriptions?

Bubble tea is hot – well, maybe not, as it’s usually served cold – and the number of bubble tea subscription Uk options available is growing. So why choose a Pearl Lemon Tea bubble tea subscription?

The obvious reason is that our bubble tea options are some of the most extensive – and delightfully delicious – you’ll find anywhere. Every subscription bubble tea delivery is a complete package and offers everything you need to create bubble tea at home or work, right down to the cool cups and those big chunky straws. We also include detailed – but easy-to-follow – instructions and recipes to help you create bubble teas that taste and look fabulous.

Another big factor is that like almost everything we do at Pearl Lemon Tea – and at Pearl Lemon Cafe as a whole – we can offer bubble tea subscriptions that are personalised just for you. You can mix and match bubble tea flavours, bubble tea add-ins, and the quantities you receive in every box and, if you like, we can even personalize or brand the cups and straws, something our bubble tea business box subscribers love!

Ready to make bubble tea a regular part of your life? Contact us today to choose the bubble tea delivery options that are right for you!


The contents of a bubble tea subscription box may vary, but they generally include tapioca pearls, tea leaves, sweeteners, and sometimes even bubble tea cups and straws.

Some bubble tea subscription boxes can customise their contents to suit your preferences. Others may have pre-set boxes that you can’t customize. It is best to check with the service provider for options.

Bubble tea subscription boxes can be enjoyed by anyone who likes bubble tea, whether experienced bubble tea makers or new to the drink. They offer a simple and convenient means of trying out various bubble tea flavors and ingredients.

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