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3 Ways To Master The Art Of Bubble Tea Making With Our Expert Training Program

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The Best Bubble Tea Training in London To Jumpstart Your Bubble Tea Business


In contemporary times, one of the most popular businesses today is bubble tea. In fact, this business has an expected market growth of 7.2% by 2027. Not surprising, given that almost everyone around the world is going gaga for it.

This drink is commonly popular among Millenials, Gen Z’s, and even the kids at heart. You’ll surely enjoy this desserty beverage with its different blends and chewy pearls.

So some of you may be quite interested in the process of making bubble tea– and perhaps how to run its business.

Well, our business experts and boba tea trainers here at Pearl Lemon Boba along Fulham and Marylebone got you covered.

Experience a one-of-a-kind bubble tea training with us that will definitely help you create the perfect cup of bubble tea for you– and your potential business.

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Learning More About Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has become a phenomenon and is slowly taking over the world. 

It was first founded in Taiwanese teahouses, and it gradually became a thing that charmed people worldwide. The variety of sweet, creamy, or exquisite tastes in different blends of tea combined with little pearls of happiness made the globe go gaga over it.

But you might wonder, what makes bubble tea unique from the usual tea?

You’ve probably known it by now, but bubble tea is unique because of its blend. Like coffee, this beverage may be made with various teas and milk.

We’ll let you learn more about it through our course.


Our Bubble Tea Training Programme in London

Pearl Lemon Boba offers a classroom lesson to teach you the basics of making bubble tea. This course is offered at a low price, making it relatively affordable. Aside from that, these newfound skills can help you make your drink independently after the course.

You will have the chance to showcase your knowledge and skills for a day at an actual Bubble Tea store in Fulham and Marylebone. Now, how cool is that?

Milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls in glass, gray background.

Course Objectives

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Run Your Bubble Tea Business
  • Make Your Own Bubble Tea Product
  • Figure Out The Equipment For Bubble Tea
  • Prepare & Store Bubble Tea Ingredients
  • Create The Menu For Your Business
  • Market Your Bubble Tea Business
  • Process Legals & Licenses of Your Business

Basically, everything you need to know about the bubble tea business and making bubble tea is present in our programme!

Duration of The Course

The whole training programme will run for six weeks. In that time, we guarantee you’ll get the insights and knowledge you need to successfully run your bubble tea business and make your boba tea cup.

Boba store
Bubble tea

Class Participants

Anyone is welcome to try out our bubble tea training programme in London. Our doors are always open for people who want to learn about running a bubble tea business or how to make a good cup of bubble tea.

Whether you take this class alone, with a partner, or as a team– we’re here to accommodate.

We’re also open to making this class a team-building programme, an activity at school, a training regime for your employees, or a general project for yourself.

It can also be a family bonding moment– just pay a different fee when you tag your children along.

Special Notes To Consider

There are a few reminders we want you to consider before you proceed with our class:

  • Inform us of you and your companion’s allergen/s so that we can exclude them from the course.
  • We have add-ons for this course that you can avail yourself of. This is cheaper than booking a separate class for it.
  • This is a hybrid training programme where we have online classes and face-to-face practical classes.
Butterfly pea milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls.
Dee & Axel

The Teachers To Guide You

Of course, we have the best star-studded mentors in town to teach you about bubble tea and the business. Your mentors for this course will be Axel Edouard & Deepak Shukla, the founders of Pearl Lemon Boba along Fulham Road.

They will teach you how to build your bubble tea business and make the perfect boba cup that you and your possible customers would love.

Whether you’re new to the world of bubble tea or just beginning to get acquainted with it, they will give you the exact roadmap you need to start this adventure.

Throughout the class, they will take you through the secret art of making the most thirst-quenching and soul-satisfying bubble tea you’ll ever have.

So whether you’re looking to escape the rat race, become your own bonafide business owner, just an enthusiast or looking to change your life completely – this could be the very thing that does it.

Thinking of Doing A Franchise?

Given that you’re training to make the ideal bubble tea, you might have this certain thought lingering in your head during the training– What if I start my own bubble tea business?

Now, that’s what we call the “entrepreneur” calling within you, and we definitely recommend that you act on it!

Starting a business should not be intimidating or scary– it should be fun and insightful. Much like how our experts will guide you in starting a franchise business with us.

Whether you’re eyeing for a bubble tea business in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, or Notting Hill, we guarantee that the Pearl Lemon Boba brand can sweep them off their feet. Just like what happened in Fulham and Marylebone.

If you’re ready to be a bubble tea shop owner with the Pearl Lemon Boba brand, then start talking about franchise today with our experts!

PL Boba store
Homemade Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca

The Reason To Get Bubble Tea Training

When you learn how to mix your bubble tea, you can enjoy a new world of possibilities and flavours beyond anything you could imagine. 

Learning about the different types of tea and their flavours is only one of the benefits. It also gives you a thorough history of the product and industry. You’ll be able to have ideas on using different tools and equipment to make the best Bubble Tea product possible.

Through hands-on training, you’ll figure out the specific marketing strategies you can use in your store to increase sales and utilise that knowledge in a retail context. You will also be provided with plenty of tips on setting up your store layout, ensuring it’s easy to use and optimal for your business.

So what’s there to lose in learning to craft your bubble tea drink? It’s not just the baristas that need to know it– even owners like you should train too!

The Hands-On Training You Need

Each Pearl Lemon Bubble Tea training class is hands-on, and the mentors will focus on your development. This course gives you ample opportunity to learn what professional baristas and entrepreneurs can teach.

The business class will involve lessons for hiring employees, financial planning, managing efficient and effective business operations, and a quality customer service approach.

On the other hand, in bubble tea-making class, you will learn how to make basic bubble tea products, and we’ll allow you to be creative enough to make your perfect blend.

Many people who have taken the course can attest to its effectiveness. Some even came in just for fun but wanted to start their franchise in the end.

mango boba

Opening your bubble tea shop can be difficult at first, but with some persistence, you should be able to grow into a profitable business – if that’s something you’re interested in!

Tea workshops like ours will teach you when, why, and how to run your profitable business. 

As a student in this class, you’ll learn how to prepare, sell, and package all bubble tea products with deliciously unique tea blends. 

You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge about personal & professional aspects and insider tips & tricks for every side of the business– management, strategy, and marketing.

Start training with the experts from Pearl Lemon Boba now.

Book a call today to schedule a class immediately as slots are running out!

Bubble Tea Training FAQs

Bubble tea training is a form of education that teaches individuals how to make bubble tea, including the preparation of ingredients, the use of the equipment, and the technical skills of making bubble tea.

Anyone interested in making bubble tea, whether for personal consumption or as a career, can benefit from bubble tea training. This includes entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals looking to start a bubble tea business.

Bubble tea training typically covers topics such as the history and origins of bubble tea, ingredient selection and preparation, equipment usage, recipe development, customer service, and much more.

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