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5 Ways To Get The Best bubble Tea Supplies Online And Create Your Favorite Flavors

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Bubble tea is hip, delicious, and the ideal summertime treat. Not that the weather matters, because these tea drinks are so delicious that they can (and should) be consumed all year. You don’t even have to go to a bubble tea shop to enjoy it; you can make it yourself at home. If you have all of the right stuff that is. This leaves lots of people asking themselves (and probably Google) where to buy bubble tea supplies.

Pearl Lemon Tea – a popular corner of the fast-growing Pearl Lemon Cafe in fashionable Fulham – serves some of the best bubble tea you’ll find anywhere in London. The good news for those who can’t make it to our cafe in person – and may even live a long way from London – is that you can buy bubble tea supplies – the very same ones that we use every day – directly from us online.

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What is Bubble Tea?

Maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram, or TikTok, and have been intrigued by this fancy-looking drink but are not quite sure what bubble tea really is. Or your friends have been telling you to try it, but it looks rather weird…

What precisely is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea has become a generic term for a variety of delectable beverages. It could be either hot or cold, sweet or tart. It could be fruit-filled, topped with creamy froth, or served hot.

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Bubble Tea in All Its Various Forms

Black or green tea is used to make traditional bubble tea drinks, which are often sweetened with peach, berry, or mango syrups. You can make creamier and more indulgent milk teas by adding milk to regular teas. Black tea with milk and boba is the classic “bubble milk tea” order.

On the other hand, some bubble tea drinks deviate from the traditional green and black tea base. Another popular option is taro milk tea, which is brewed from the tropical taro root. At Pearl Lemon Tea, caffeine-free fruit bubble teas with fruit pieces added if requested are a popular alternative too.

We also have vibrant orange Thai bubble tea and coffee milk tea, which is a popular choice among coffee lovers looking for the best of both worlds!

In addition to teas, Pearl Lemon Cafe offers bubble tea slushies and milk drinks. Slushies are prepared by blending tea, syrups, and ice to make a sweet and icy delicacy that’s perfect for hot summer days. Milk bubble tea drinks are often made with milk as the base and sweetened with honey or brown sugar syrup. And you really can make all of these bubble teas at home if you have the right bubble tea supplies.

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What Supplies Do You Need to Make Bubble Tea at Home?

The good news, if you want to start making bubble tea at home, is that when you buy bubble tea supplies they do not have to include a special, expensive machine or any other hardware extras. As long as you can boil water for tea, you have all the ‘tea-making hardware’ you need.

You will however need some bubble tea supplies that are harder to find in the shops, but easy to buy online from Pearl Lemon Cafe.

Bubble Tea Bubbles.

Tapioca pearls are what you want to get if you want to know where to buy bubbles for bubble tea.

Tapioca pearls, a unique element of bubble tea and boba tea drinks, are the size of pearls or little marbles and have the soft, chewy texture of gummy sweets.

The pearls settle to the bottom of the bubble tea cup, where they must be sucked out with a long, thick straw. The spectacle of the tapioca pearls rising in succession through the clear straw adds to the uniqueness of the bubble tea sipping experience.

The cassava root’s starch is called tapioca. Cassava, often known as Yuca, is a staple of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. It has a starchy potato texture and a mild nutty flavor with hints of sweetness.

Preparing Bubble Tea
How To Make Boba Tea: Awesome Recipe

Tapioca pearls, also known as the bubbles in bubble tea, are made by mixing tapioca starch with water. The “dough” is shaped into small spherical balls. When fresh, tapioca pearls are opaque and white, but when cooked, they become translucent.

Cooked tapioca pearls have a mushy gelatin feel that is slightly chewy, similar to mochi or gummy bears. It’s a lovely taste sensation that contrasts well with the smoothness of the tea, especially milk teas.

Because the best boba is fresh, when you buy them from Pearl Lemon Cafe you’ll be purchasing uncooked pearls that can then be prepared right before you make your bubble tea, so that it tastes as fresh and fun as it should.

Cooking boba pearls is much simpler than you might think, and when you order your bubble tea ingredients from Pearl Lemon Tea, we’ll provide you the step-by-step instructions you need to get it right the first time (and every time after that!)

Bubble Tea Straws

Bubble tea straws are an important component of the boba tea experience. The pleasure of piercing the lid’s seal with the angled tip, slipping the straw into the frothy liquid, and sipping the bubble tea and tapioca pearls through it adds to the fun of the bubble tea flavour journey.

Bubble tea straws are wider and longer than standard drinking straws, and they have an angled bottom that can double as a spoon to capture the last of those tasty boba pearls when your drink is almost done. They are sturdier too, and if you order your bubble tea supplies from Pearl Lemon Cafe you’ll find we even offer them in a variety of fun colours, which is handy if you want to colour-coordinate your bubble tea and its straw!

Best Bubble Tea in London
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Bubble Tea Cups

One of the (many) great things about bubble tea is that when it’s made right it looks as good as it tastes. And to get a good look at just what you’re drinking – and to showcase it to the best effect on Instagram-  you’ll need a big, clear bubble tea cup.

Pearl Lemon Cafe offers those looking to buy bubble tea supplies their choice of a wide selection of bubble tea cups, both disposable cups and reusable options – that are sized just right for your bubble tea needs, and are perfect for use if you’ll be serving bubble tea to a crowd (bubble tea at parties is tons of fun, and your guests will love it.)

Tea for Bubble Tea


If you are going to make great bubble tea you’ll need to start off with great tea! At Pearl Lemon Tea we offer our online customers access to a wide range of black and green teas a well as Japanese matcha powder. Matcha is another big trend in the tea world right now (despite having been around for about a thousand years) and it can be used to make some excellent – and very colourful – bubble tea drinks.

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Add-Ins for Bubble Tea

Lots of bubble teas contain more than just boba pearls. Some of our Pearl Lemon Tea bubble tea offerings are practically dessert teas, and we can supply you with many of the bubble tea add-ins we use in the most popular of these, including:

Coloured boba pearls

Popping boba pearls


Grass Jelly cubes

Chia seeds

Cheese foam

Much more, just ask!

Whatever your bubble tea supply needs, Pearl Lemon Tea can help! Contact us today to learn more. 


To make bubble tea, you will need tapioca pearls (also known as boba), a sweetener (such as simple syrup or honey), tea or a tea base, and a way to mix and serve the drink (such as cups and straws).

Some alternatives to tapioca pearls include sago pearls, similar in texture, or fruit jelly, which can be used as a topping instead of tapioca pearls.

Special tools or equipment needed for making bubble tea are typically a large pot for boiling the tapioca pearls, a strainer or slotted spoon for removing the cooked pearls from the pot, and a large mixing bowl for stirring the tea and tapioca pearls together. Some people also use a bubble tea shaker cup to make the drink more frothy.

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