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Woman drink of Taiwan iced bubble tea in the night market

About Pearl Lemon Boba

Located within Pearl Lemon Cafe, Pearl Lemon Boba aims to bring you the best bubble tea in Fulham. With seemingly endless flavour options, Pearl Lemon Boba is the perfect bubble tea for your afternoon indulgence. After all, it is THE drink you can chew AND it is vegetarian friendly. Whether you want milk tea or a fruit based tea, we have got you covered.

Although bubble tea is a traditional Taiwanese treat, you do not have to travel across the globe to get your hands on a cup. While this beverage has gained popularity and bubble tea stands have sprung up worldwide, Pearl Lemon Boba crafts the freshest and best bubble tea Fulham has to offer.

We immediately rejected the idea of brewing large batches of tea with powdered bases. Each and every cup of boba tea is brewed to order and finished with fresh milk. To make great tea, you need to start with the best ingredients.

At Pearl Lemon Boba, we make our bubble tea with fresh tapioca pearls, fresh milk and fresh juices. Our goal is to provide you with the freshest and tastiest boba tea in all of Fulham…and all of London.

We aim to provide you with a healthier, fresher milk tea!

This means whether you want taro, honeydew, strawberry or cookies and cream our bubble tea is made on the spot, to ensure you will only have the best. As a bonus the tapioca we use for our bubbles are vegan friendly…no animal biproducts found here. Click here to know our story.

Taiwan milk tea with bubble on wood background
Milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls in glass, gray background.

How we make our boba milk tea

From our tapioca pearls (for those fun, chewy boba balls) to the tea we brew for our bubble tea we make everything to order. We start your hand crafted milk tea with freshly made tapioca pearls and some syrup at the bottom of your cup (for just a touch of sweetness). Then we add your choice of freshly brewed tea and fruit juices and milk or milk alternatives. One quick mix and your bubble tea is ready!

Pearl Lemon Boba FAQs

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originated from Taiwan in the early 80’s. It is a fun and tasty drink that comes in a wide variety of flavours. The best part is that bubble tea contains wonderfully tasty balls (pearls) of tapioca. A drink and a snack all in one. Bubble tea can be made both with or without milk, so it is often vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Tapioca pearls essentially have carbs for energy but lack any nutritional value. Tapioca pearls are about 100 calories for every ¼ cup. This does not include calories from flavors or sugar that may be added.

Ultimately boba pearls are used to add texture not necessarily nutritional value. It’s part of the novelty in boba or bubble tea. If you are looking for healthy, or a healthier boba tea, choose one with greens and fruit juices fresh squeezed.

Want the short answer? Boba pearls are gluten free, yes.

Tapioca pearls are made with cassava starch. Cassava plants in its purest form do not contain gluten. It’s a great alternative to gluten rich starches if you’re looking for a replacement. In fact, it’s found in many popular gluten-free recipes.

Bubble tea or boba only has 3-4 base ingredients (different boba flavors mave contain more or less ingredients). A tea base, milk or creamer, a sweetener and tapioca pearls are the main ingredients in boba tea.

To drink bubble tea with tapioca pearls all you need is that large jumbo straw you see at boba cafes. If the cafe you are at does not have straws, the lids may have an extra large opening to allow the pearls to pass through.

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