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Milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls in glass, gray background.

Bubble tea is trendy, tasty, and makes the perfect warm-weather treat. Not that the weather really matters, as these tea drinks are so good they can (and should) in our opinion be consumed year-round. Technically, you don’t even need to head to a bubble tea store to enjoy it, it can be made at home. If you have the right ingredients. This leaves lots of people asking where they can buy bubbles for bubble tea.

What are Bubble Tea Bubbles?

Technically, there are a couple of answers here. You might be talking about the layers of tiny bubbles that form when your drink is shaken as it’s prepared. It’s more likely you are referring to the bubble-like balls at the bottom of boba tea (another name for bubble tea) that most people think of as its defining characteristic.

Finding these bubbles CAN be a challenge. The good news is that Pearl Lemon Tea has you covered. We offer the same tasty, tea shop quality bubble tea bubbles for sale online that we serve up daily at our Fulham base, Pearl Lemon Cafe. But just what will you be buying? That might be something you need us to explain.

What are Bubble Tea Bubbles?

If you want to know where you can buy bubbles for bubble tea, what you really want to buy are tapioca pearls.

Bubble tea and boba tea drinks typically contain tapioca pearls, which are a unique ingredient. They have the soft, chewy quality of gummy candies and are around the size of pearls or small marbles.

The pearls sink to the bottom of the bubble tea cup and must be sucked out using a long, thick straw. The sight of the tapioca pearls rising in succession through the transparent straw is a spectacle in and of itself, adding to the uniqueness of the bubble tea drinking experience.

mango boba

Tapioca is the cassava root’s starch. Cassava, also often called Yuca, is a common component in Latin American and Caribbean dishes. It has the texture of starchy potato and a moderate nutty flavor with traces of sweetness.

Tapioca pearls for bubble tea – aka bubbles for bubble tea – are created by combining tapioca starch with water. Small spherical balls are formed from the “dough.” Tapioca pearls are white and opaque while raw, but when cooked, they become translucent.

The texture of cooked tapioca pearls is akin to mochi or gummy bears, with a mushy gelatin sensation that is slightly chewy. It’s a taste sensation that contrasts with the smoothness of the tea – especially milk teas – delightfully well.

What Makes Bubble Tea Bubbles Black?

As we just told you that tapioca balls are translucent when cooked you might be a little confused. Almost all of the bubble teas you have seen have black bubbles at the bottom. So how do they get that way?

First of all, you can enjoy that translucent boba in your bubble tea just as it is. Lots of our customers do. They don’t have a strong flavour, so if you prefer a fruity bubble tea, they won’t take away from the fruity taste you want to experience but will still provide that squishy gummy texture that is so much a part of drinking bubble tea.

Black bubble tea bubbles are created by cooking the tapioca pearls in a syrup, often one made using brown sugar, or sometimes molasses. Some black tapioca pearls have a very sweet taste, others taste a little more like licorice. One of the advantages of buying bubbles for bubble tea from Pearl Lemon Tea is that you can experiment at home until you find just the right syrup and pearls combination for you.

Homemade Taro Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca
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Why Don't You Sell Precooked Tapioca Pearls?

When it comes to bubble teas, the fresher the ‘bubbles’ are, the better. When our customers enjoy a bubble tea in our Fulham coffee shop, the boba they are served is freshly prepared, ensuring that they experience the taste and mouthfeel at its best. If we sold precooked boba online the chances are it would be pretty terrible by the time it reached you.

Cooking boba pearls is a lot easier than you might think though, and when you buy your bubble tea supplies from Pearl Lemon Tea we’ll provide the step-by-step instructions you’ll need to get it right every time.

What About Fancy Colored Bubbles for Bubble Tea?

Found yourself fascinated by those bubble teas you’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok that are bursting with brightly colored bubbles? Those are created by adding coloring during the mixing process and can be a fun way to add pizzazz to your bubble teas.

Adding flavorings, in the same way, can change the taste of the cooked tapioca pearls too. While we love brown sugar tapioca pearls the slightly unexpected taste of taro tapioca pearls is one we love too. If you like as much fruity taste in your bubble tea as possible, peach or mango tapioca pearls might be just the right choice for you.

Preparing Bubble Tea
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What Makes Our Pearls for Bubble Tea Different?

If you came here hoping to get the answer to the question of where you can buy pearls for bubble tea, you’re in the right place. But we aren’t your only option, we know that. As bubble tea grows even more popular – and it is every day – the number of options available to buy bubbles for bubble tea is growing too.

So why buy bubbles for bubble tea from Pearl Lemon Tea? As we take great pride in serving some of the best bubble teas in London at our Fulham cafe, it’s very important to us that when we offer tapioca pearls and other bubble tea supplies for sale online they are of the same high quality we insist on for our coffee shop customers.

That means that the ‘bubbles’ are freshly made – stale tapioca balls make for terrible bubble tea – and are sealed at the height of that freshness before being shipped out.

We also love to experiment, and if you sign up for one of our bubble tea subscriptions you’ll be among the first to try our most successful new flavors to enjoy in your home, to excite your taste buds, your friends, and your Insta followers!

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