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Matcha Tea Catering London

In the heart of London’s ever-evolving culinary scene, Pearl Lemon Boba introduces a revolutionary Matcha Tea Catering service, distinctively designed to merge the ancient allure and health virtues of matcha with the flair of contemporary event catering. This innovative offering goes beyond traditional beverage service, creating an all-encompassing experience that celebrates a lifestyle keen on wellness and culinary finesse.


The Quintessence of Pearl Lemon Boba's Matcha Tea Experience

Selecting Pearl Lemon Boba’s Matcha Tea Catering for your event in London is a declaration of sophisticated taste and a nod to the venerable tradition of matcha. We provide sophisticated matcha-based beverages meticulously crafted from the finest organic and ceremonial-grade matcha. Our selections are customisable to complement any event’s theme or dietary requirements, ensuring a delightful and unique tasting journey for every guest, symbolic of our commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Elevating Events with Matcha Tea Catering by Pearl Lemon Boba's Craftsmanship

Our dedication to exceptional experiences shines brightly in every element of our Matcha Tea Catering service. The bespoke matcha stations, curated and operated by our expert mixologists, stand as not just a feast for the eyes but also as epicentres of interactive entertainment. Their adeptness in matcha craftsmanship offers an engaging, immersive journey for guests, distinguishing our service as an unforgettable highlight of any event.

Matcha Tea Catering

Uncompromised Quality: The Foundation of Our Matcha Service

Central to Pearl Lemon Boba’s ethos is an unwavering commitment to quality. By exclusively using the highest quality organic and ceremonial-grade matcha, we ensure a sensory experience that is both indulgent and health-enhancing. This dedication to superior quality sets our Matcha Tea Catering apart as the definitive choice for those desiring exceptional taste paired with health benefits.

Customised Experiences for Memorable Occasions

Adaptable to diverse events, from intimate soirees to grand corporate gatherings and lively celebrations, our Matcha Tea Catering service is designed with personalisation in mind. We understand the significance of a tailored beverage service, offering customisable options to infuse your event with a distinct, health-oriented flair. This commitment to bespoke experiences underscores our dedication to each client’s unique needs.


Innovation and Satisfaction: Our Pledges

Choosing Pearl Lemon Boba for your matcha tea catering needs symbolises a mutual commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction. We strive to create unparalleled matcha experiences that blend traditional authenticity with a modern twist. Our objective is to ensure that our distinctive services not only elevate your event but also enhance the experience for every attendee.

Inviting Matcha Magic to Your Event with Pearl Lemon Boba

Pearl Lemon Boba invites you to transform your London event into an unforgettable celebration of taste, health, and shared experiences with our Matcha Tea Catering service. This exclusive offering explores the full potential of matcha in a setting that honours the joy of communal gatherings. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your event with our exceptional matcha catering.

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Setting a New Paradigm in Event Catering

With its Matcha Tea Catering service, Pearl Lemon Boba is redefining expectations for event catering in London, marrying the healthful and cultural richness of matcha with the dynamic demands of contemporary events. Regardless of the size or style of your gathering, our Matcha Tea Catering promises an exceptional enhancement, infusing your occasion with a unique blend of elegance, wellness, and unparalleled flavour.

Enhancing Your Event with Matcha Insights

  • The Cultural Tapestry of Matcha: Enrich your event with a deep dive into matcha’s storied history and cultural significance, adding an educational and immersive element to the celebration.
  • Matcha Mixology Mastery: Encourage guests to unleash their creativity at our customisable matcha stations, promoting culinary exploration and interactive fun.
  • The Serenity of Matcha Preparation: Delight in the tranquil art of matcha brewing with live demonstrations by our skilled tea artisans, offering a moment of calm and contemplation amidst the festivities.
  • A Journey Through Flavors: Embark on a tasting odyssey with our selection of matcha varieties, deepening your guests’ appreciation for this versatile and revered tea.
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Tailoring to Your Event’s Unique Needs

  • Inclusive Menu Options: Our catering menu is thoughtfully curated to cater to a broad spectrum of dietary preferences, ensuring inclusivity and enjoyment for all your guests.
  • Optimal Booking Advice: To perfectly tailor our service to your event’s theme and exceed your expectations, we recommend securing our services at least four weeks in advance.
  • Flexibility for Events of Any Size: Our Matcha Tea Catering is scalable and designed to enchant intimate and expansive gatherings, guaranteeing a memorable matcha experience for every event.
  • Customizable Matcha Stations: Ensuring the matcha station aligns with your event’s theme, we promise a setup that not only tantalises the taste buds but also


Pearl Lemon Boba takes great care in designing its matcha tea catering services, focusing on diversity and inclusivity, accommodating a wide range of dietary needs such as vegan, gluten-free, and other preferences. We aim for every guest to indulge in our delightful matcha creations, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

To align seamlessly with your event’s theme and to fulfil your expectations to the fullest, securing Pearl Lemon Boba’s matcha tea catering services four weeks ahead of your event is advisable. This preparation time allows us to customise our services to suit your specific event requirements and desires.

Indeed, Pearl Lemon Boba’s matcha tea catering is adept at enhancing events regardless of scale. Whether it’s a cosy gathering or a grand affair, our services are designed to provide an enthralling matcha experience that will make your event stand out, ensuring every attendee enjoys a memorable time.

The matcha station Pearl Lemon Boba offers is fully customisable, allowing adjustments to complement your event’s theme beautifully. We assure a sensory delight through our premium matcha drinks and by creating an aesthetically pleasing setup that enhances the overall ambience of your celebration, making every detail tailored to your liking.

Pearl Lemon Boba distinguishes itself with a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a focus on accommodating every guest’s needs. Our versatility in catering to diverse dietary requirements, the flexibility in booking and scalability for various event sizes, and our custom-tailored matcha stations ensure that our service adds a unique and memorable touch to your event. Pearl Lemon Boba doesn’t just offer food and drink; we provide an immersive matcha experience that elevates your event’s atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression on all attendees.

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