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How to Make Taro Bubble Tea

Taro is a popular drink in Japan that has been around for centuries. It is made of taro root, brown sugar, and water. This recipe will teach you how to make Taro Bubble Tea using a few ingredients and an easy-to-follow video.

Taro is not just famous in Japan; it’s also one of the most well-known drinks in Hawaii and Guam, and in other parts of Asia such as China and Vietnam.

Taro is commonly known as a root plant derived from the leafy green Colocasia Esculenta. It’s also called dasheen, eddo, or Kalo. Even though it’s known for having a purple hue, it can come in other colors like white or pink. Edible tubers are a staple worldwide and are primarily found in Southeast Asia with India. Taro was cultivated in Asia as early as 100 B.C. and has since spread globally. It can be quickly fried, mashed, boiled, baked, and roasted.

What Is Taro Bubble Tea?

People are now more curious or adventurous to try alternatives to their regular drinks. And for a brand like Starbucks, this is a perfect strategy. Last year, they released a new color of a beverage called the “Unicorn Frappe,” and it quickly became popular. However, the original purple drink is still on their menu because of its uniqueness and flavor. Taro root has been one of the world’s most popular ingredients for quite some time now. It has a unique taste and a hint of sweetness and is typically brown or purple. This plant shares many qualities with potatoes, such as its texture and versatility in cooking, and is also commonly used for bubble milk tea.

This drink is called 香芋奶茶 (Xiāng yù nǎichá) in Chinese. It is made with purple ground root, tapioca pearl or boba pearl, and jasmine tea.

As a thickener and sweetener for your drinks, pureed ground root can be added to improve the taste of your recipe. But some boba shops will also use instant powder as a substitute for the puree. This brewed tea has around 480 calories.

How to Make Taro Bubble Tea?

How to Make Taro Bubble Tea

There are many ways to make a delicious taro milk tea. Some of them don’t even include “tea.” It can be difficult deducing what makes an excellent taro drink, so much of your focus should be on the blend of taro and milk. We wanted to try something different in our kitchen and decided to have some fun by experimenting with new taro tea recipes. These taro recipes used both the traditional cooking method and taro’s nutty and floral flavors. We don’t typically include toppings in our recipes, but if you crave layers of texture, flavor, and fun, feel free to add a scoop of something else to the bottom of your iced taro milk tea. You can also add more boba pearl or tapioca pearl to your drink!

Classic Taro Bubble Tea Recipe

Making Taro Bubble Tea isn’t difficult, and this recipe is easy because it doesn’t require a complex process. It also produces a bright purple color and has great flavors. This method also allows you to add your personal touch by adding different ingredients or slight variations. To make this one, you’ll need to use a blender. Combine 3 tbsp of Taro Grade-A Powder, 3 tbsp of non-dairy creamer, 2 tsp of raw cane sugar, and one ¼ cup of water. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender until it is smooth. Add ice to a plastic bubble teacup and pour the blended taro drink. The cost to make this beverage is rough $0.50-$0.56.

Classic Taro Bubble Tea Recipe With A Twist

This taro smoothie produces a slightly lighter lavender color, and the beverage itself is smoother and creamier than the classic milk tea. This method is similar to the classic recipe, but instead of using non-dairy creamer and water, whole milk is substituted instead. Using a blender, combine 3 tbsp of Taro Grade-A Powder, 2 tsp of raw cane sugar, and 1 ½ cups of milk. Blend these ingredients until the mixture is smooth. In a separate cup, put in ½ cup of ice, and pour in the blended taro drink. The cost to make this beverage is approximately $0.65 to $0.71.

Classic Taro Milk Tea With Real Tea Recipe

Many recipes call for black tea, which removes the flavor of taro without being overpowered. This method is the way to go for those who value quality and want a more sophisticated color. The dark hues are achieved without soy sauce or black tea, but the result still has that delicate taro flavor we all know and love. To get the best taste of my espresso, you would need to use your preferred tea brewing method. Some people go with a traditional stovetop pot, and others swear that an espresso machine is the only way to go. You’ll need to use a shaker, cream, sugar, and the correct type of tea to make this one. Mix 3 tbsp of Taro Grade-A Powder, 3 tbsp creamer, and 2 tsp of raw cane sugar with one ¼ cup of Assam black tea in a shaker. Mix these ingredients in a blender or food processor until the mixture becomes smooth. Continue to add ½ cup of ice to the shaker and mix until the milk tea drink is super cold. That would be fine if you put more ice (if needed) in a separate cup and then poured it into your mixed taro tea. A popular drink cost to make is around $0.51-$0.57.

Tropical Style Milk Tea With A Real Taro Taste

Taro, one of the most popular ingredients in Asia, can work wonders with coconut because they both produce a sweet and creamy dessert. This unique recipe is our favorite: it produces a snowy pink color that each taste complements. The taro chips are the first steps in a delightful and delicious tropical drink. Their texture is lovely, while coconut milk (you can also use almond milk) combines with a refreshing taste on your lips. Use a blender to combine coconut powder and coconut milk. Taro Can chunks and milk. Pour in the coconut drink and ice in a cup, and blend until smooth. The cost of this is around $1.60-$1.23.


The steps mentioned in the article are the most straightforward steps to make a perfect Taro Bubble Tea. The bitterness and sweetness will follow. The thickness will depend on preference. 

Please do let us know how your Bubble Tea was tested and if you have found this guide helpful or not.


What is Taro powder made out of?

Taro is a root vegetable that is traditionally eaten in East Asia. It has been used as a food source for centuries and likely originated from the wild taro plant. Taro powder is made out of the root vegetable taro. It can be found in different colors such as black, white, red, purple, and green. The color of the taro powder depends on what part of the root it comes from.

Is taro milk tea made with black or green tea?

The most common type of taro milk tea is black tea. However, there are some places where it is made with green tea. The difference between the two types of taro milk tea is the color and taste. Black tea has a stronger, more robust flavor, while green tea has a lighter, sweeter taste.

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