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How to Order Boba Drink

Known also as bubble tea or pearl tea, boba tea originated in Taiwan and is now found all over the world. Bubble tea shops allow customers to customise drinks to their liking, and thus, you need to know how to order boba drink. However, the number of things you have to recite in front of your boba barista can be overwhelming sometimes. If you’ve been wanting to try boba for some time now, check out these tips on ordering your first boba tea!

Order Boba Drink, Boba Drink

What is a boba drink?

A boba drink is called boba because it contains tapioca pearls at the bottom. When making bubble tea, you layer boba on top, then pour in your preferred tea, which can be sweetened or creamed with condensed milk, heavy cream, or other types of milk.

How do I choose a boba drink?

In choosing which boba drink to order, you can personalize it depending on your taste.


A boba drink base may be a classic tea-based, milk-based, or ice-blended. You can find speciality teas at most shops, including fruit teas, tea blends, spiced teas, etc., which are a refreshing substitute for juices, and is available in a wide variety of flavours. A list of the flavours you can combine with your brewed tea will be available in most shops. Your local boba shop might also offer a variety of milk, such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. Ice-blended drinks may also have milk or tea with them.


After deciding on which base you wanted for your boba drink, you may choose to add flavours to your drink. Don’t get this wrong-you could never go wrong with a classic black milk tea-but sometimes, it’s refreshing to have another layer of flavour to your drink.

Sugar Level

The sweetness level of your boba milk tea can also be adjusted to your liking. If you are not into sweet drinks, you can ask your boba barista to tone the sugar down a little. But if you’re having a sweet tooth, you can go all out with the sugar level.


Sinkers, or toppings, add flavour and texture to your drink. Oftentimes, boba drink shops offer a wide variety of sinkers. The most classic choice for a sinker is tapioca pearl. However, you may also prefer to have popping boba, pudding, fruit jelly, red bean, or coconut jelly (nata de coco). These are only some of the common sinkers. Some bubble tea shop offers speciality toppings like grass jelly or fresh fruit.

These are the 4 things that you have to keep in mind when ordering boba. Try a different combination every time you order if you’re feeling adventurous.

What kind of drink should you get?

The original boba drink is a must-try! To order this, ask your boba barista for a black tea-based drink with milk, a normal sweetness level, and top it with tapioca pearls. You could never go wrong with the classic black pearl milk tea.

If you’re into fruit juice, a fruit tea-based drink with no milk or creamer is recommended. Order your favourite fruit tea with any tea as a base (oolong tea, thai tea, black tea, green tea, etc.), add your desired flavour and sweetness level, and ask your barista to top it with a popping boba pearl! It is a refreshing drink perfect for a sunny day.

You might also want to try ice-blended boba drinks. Ice-blended drinks can be made as slush or smoothie. Add your favourite flavour and sweetness level, and top it with your favourite sinkers. This drink would be ideal for a hot summer day.

If you are into coffee, you can upgrade it into a boba milk tea. Order a coffee or milk tea if you’re up for some strong caffeine intake. You may add boba pearls to your coffee milk tea too.


What is a good beginner boba drink?

If you are new to boba, try the classic milk tea. Order a black milk tea and customize it with your favourite flavour. Choose the chewy tapioca balls as you sinker. You might also want to add brown sugar for a kick of toffee flavour.

How do you order boba sweetness?

Some boba tea shops offer customization on their sweetness level by percentage, while some have a level scheme to identify the sweetness of your drink. This might vary from one shop to another.

What milk is best with boba?

The best milk for your boba is the milk that fits your diet. Some people who have dairy restrictions order non-dairy milk, while some chooses milk that they think tastes best. The most commonly used milk in boba milk tea is fresh milk.


Boba drinks are highly versatile, and bubble tea shops are willing to go out of their ways to serve you your desired boba drink combination. Order like a pro at your local boba drink shop, and let us know your favourite drink in the comments!

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