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Is bubble tea safe for pregnant women?

bubble tea

You may have already learned the benefits of drinking tea, for instance bubble tea. Making it a morning ritual gives you plenty of advantages, including fresh energy and preventing boredom or low spirits. It’s also easy to find, cheap, and one of the most popular drinks in the world.

The popularity of tea has grown because of its great taste and refreshing qualities.

Over the years, it has been transformed continuously in so many new ways. You can create different tea flavours through simple methods like adding leaves to boiling water. Try out iced or hot varieties with different ingredients and flavours to find the one you like best.

Should I drink Bubble tea during pregnancy? Knowing some special considerations can be helpful.

Understanding Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea contains antioxidants, which help to boost the immune system. This is especially important for pregnant women because it helps ward off morning sickness. Many pregnant women will admit that having a cup of tea first thing in the morning helps with this. However, you should do some research before continuing to drink your favourite flavours now that you’re pregnant. Not all teas are safe, and it is essential to find out if the one in question fits into these restrictions.

Some people consider bubble tea a “health drink” because of the presence of green tea. However, those who argue against this idea maintain that it is more of a dessert than a drink due to the ingredients that go into creating it. While the tea itself might be low calorie, bubble tea often contains other ingredients like milk, fruit flavour, and tapioca balls containing many calories. Most bubble tea recipes contain sweeteners, like fruit juice or flavoured syrup. The ice cream is just one option for those seeking more of a dessert.

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a very healthy drink because it is low in calories and fat content. It boosts the metabolism, reduces stress and anxiety, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking tea may even lower the risk of several diseases such as cancer, high lipids levels and heart disease. Green tea is more potent than black because of its polyphenols which provide more antioxidant activity.

Drinking herbal tea may have several health benefits. It can keep you hydrated, help to reduce inflammation, and protect cells from damage. Different types of herbal tea may also be rich in certain minerals essential for maintaining good health – like iron and magnesium.

Cons of Drinking Bubble Tea

It is well-established that bubble tea may taste good, but it has very little nutritional value. The tapioca balls used to create the bubbles come from starch obtained from the cassava root, often mixed with other ingredients such as jellies and puddings.

Some people say that some tapioca balls may contain chemicals, but that has not been confirmed yet. Milk and sugar are usually added to the tea to make it taste sweet. If you want to drink bubble tea, it’s a good idea to choose one with less sugar. Try using regular milk instead of sweetened ones and less sugar or syrup.

Bubble Tea During Pregnancy

Is bubble tea ok during pregnancy? There is not much research on the safety of any type of tea, and this means that it is difficult to give a definitive answer. However, there are no significant side effects reported so far. When pregnant, it is not advisable to drink any forms of tea that have uncertain safety levels. While being careful, it can be beneficial to note that you can prepare the tea yourself and know what ingredients are used. Tea is an excellent drink to have early in the morning when you feel nauseous and want to relax. And it has plenty of benefits! One thing that pregnant women should avoid is bubble tea.

Bubble tea may be lower in caffeine than the average cup of coffee, but this varies depending on what it’s made with or where it’s brewed. While drinking bubble tea may have some benefits, it also carries many risks. Some teas can be safe, while others should be avoided as they’re unsafe during pregnancy. 100% herbal teas might have a lot of positives, but bubble tea doesn’t fall into this category.


Drinking bubble tea from time to time might not harm you, but other types of teas can help satisfy your craving instead. If pregnant, drink safe teas like nettle tea, ginger tea, chamomile, rooibos, dandelion leaf tea, and peppermint. Find the perfect tea for you with our range of choices:


Is bubble tea high in sugar?

Bubble tea is popular in many countries. It is made by adding milk and fruit flavours to a cup of tea that has been shaken with tapioca balls. Different types of bubble teas are different. A typical cup of bubble tea usually contains about 25-35 grams of sugar.

Does sugar affect the fetus?

Many people believe that sugar does affect the fetus. They think that sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, and even cancer in the future. However, some people believe that sugar does not affect the fetus because the baby cannot taste it or break it down yet.

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