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What Is Lychee Popping Boba?

There is a specific type of milk tea called lychee boba tea, a tea-based drink from Taiwan. Generally, the drink consists of excellent black tea with some smooth, cool milk and sweet fruity flavouring to round out the beverage.

This sweet treat is known to most bubble tea fans. When pressed or bitten, the ball bursts into jelly. In stores, these pearls are usually made with fruit juice.

You will also find some delightful boba pearls among these beautiful ingredients. This is what gives the drink its delightful texture.

Taste Of Lychee Popping Boba

The best milk tea available is the lychee boba. It has a deep, bitter base, thanks to the tea. The milk smoothes out the surface, adding creaminess. Pearls add a nice texture to a dish.

Lychee is added as a syrup to the drink or infused into it, adding an appealing note to each sip.

Boba with lychee is exquisite – both fun and delicious! You can make them yourself with just a few ingredients, and we recommend that you do so if you’re into boba making. There’s no need for cooking; it can be stored for several days without spoiling.

How To Make Popping Boba?

Calcium lactate should be dissolved in distilled water. It should be left to sit for four hours or overnight. Strain afterwards. Stir the sodium alginate into the drinking water. Continue stirring until smooth. Add to fruit juice, mix until smooth, and add food colouring (optional).

Juice can be stored in the fridge for up to two hours. After preparing the pearls, prepare a bowl of 2 cups of clean drinking water to rinse them. Drop the juice mixture into the calcium lactate solution using a dropper or syringe. Allow it to sit for ten minutes.

After repeatedly rinsing the pearls with clean drinking water, they are ready to use. Serve your popping boba as a dessert or a topping for bubble tea!

How To Make Lychee Boba?

Let’s start by heating two pots of water—one for the tea, another for the pearls. Put one pot of tea and another boba on the stove to cook. The tea will brew in four to seven minutes, and the boba pearls will cook in ten to fifteen minutes. Take care to destone each fruit, peel and remove the ‘meat’ from the lychee.

Together with a handful of ice, blend them in a blender. Blend until you get a smooth paste. It is ready when the mixture is more liquid than solid and easily slides off a spoon. Add your sugar syrup to a mixing bowl after making or preparing it. The cooked and cooled pearls should be added to the syrup, and they should be thoroughly coated with the syrup.

You are putting the finishing touches on your lychee boba tea! Then, add your favourite creamer after adding the boba pearls. After adding the blended fruit, add 3 cups of freshly brewed tea. The lychee boba is ready when you stir it or shake it.


That’s it! We hope this article is helpful! Remember that a lychee popping boba is one of the famous and flavourful Taiwanese desserts! It includes a black tea with some smooth, cool milk, and popping boba. You can have this drink by following the steps above.

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