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What Is The Best Bubble Tea Flavor

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Today is your first-day drinking bubble tea, but you’re unsure what to order. Quickly scan this list, and you’ll know what to get. Some of the common questions about bubble tea might help you if you’re not entirely new. This article can also be for those who’ve tried some but want to know what other flavours are worth trying.

Here’s a list of some of the best bubble tea flavours that are not only classics but super delicious!

Black Milk Tea or Hong Kong Milk Tea

The original boba tea flavour is the classic black milk tea. Those who were there at the beginning might say this was the first boba recipe, and now there are a lot of other interesting flavours out there.

If you ask any Taiwanese person which flavour is the most popular, they’ll tell you this.

If you are into bubble tea, this is one that you can easily make on your own. All you need is a black tea from your nearby store and a bit of sugar to sweeten it. A good starting point for a recipe would be Lipton Black Tea and about 15ml (1 tablespoon) of sugar per 280ml (1 cup).

Boil some water, add two Lipton black tea bags and steep them for 1-3 minutes. Add your sweetened condensed milk of choice to the mixture. Adjust to your preference, some people like their tea sweeter while others prefer it a little less so.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea or Tiger Milk Tea

For last, we saved the best and most popular boba flavour, brown sugar milk tea or tiger milk tea. If you haven’t tried either of these flavours yet, you’re missing out.

This flavour was first introduced two years ago and became famous when Tiger Sugar made it well-known in Taiwan. Eventually, it caught on in America and Western culture for everyone to try.

It’s so popular that a national ice cream company made a flavour in its honour, and that flavour is so popular it typically sells out!

Taro Milk Tea

The taro milk tea flavour is one of the most popular. It’s creamy, delicious, and refreshing, too—a great counterpart to both smoothies and bubble teas.

We recommend this flavour to anyone who likes a more rich vanilla taste. Some people say it tastes like a more nutty, vanilla iced latte, but better. It’s never too sweet, and it’s on the lighter side for any type of milkshake or latte.

Matcha Milk Tea

This flowery-looking boba drink is on the most popular flavours list. It’s famous all over, so whether you think it tastes like flowers or soap.

Matcha milk tea is a popular drink made by mixing an online- or store-bought matcha powder with almond milk, honey, or other sweeter and pearl boba.

Matcha milk tea is a classic flavour that is comforting to many. If you want to find out if it’s a good matcha milk tea, consider the creamy texture and rich taste.

Thai Milk Tea

One of our most popular refreshments, this boba drink has a nice texture and is delicious, giving you that refreshing taste of orange milk tea when you’re craving something sweeter. It’s a great alternative to your traditional black milk tea.

You can make Thai iced milk tea at home using a ready-made Thai milk tea powder or from scratch. Regardless of the method, both taste just as great, but they are healthier when made from scratch.

Strawberry Milk Tea

Anyone who knows a thing or two about bubble tea knows that strawberry milk tea is essential. With loads of creamy sweetness and the taste of fresh berries, it’s no wonder this drink has become so popular.

Like making any other kind of bubble tea, it all starts with a sweetener and the main ingredient. I like to mix powdered strawberry mix of fresh strawberries into my milk tea. (I know some people like to add tapioca pearls to their milk tea too, but that’s not my thing at all)

Honeydew Milk Tea

There are not many good places that make bubble tea with fresh produce. One way to tell if you’ve been given fresh fruit or not is if it has pulp and juice in it rather than just a powder. That being said, I would recommend trying the honeydew milk tea.

The natural, refreshing sweetness of the honeydew melon and its unique taste make bubble tea such a popular beverage.

Generally, this boba flavour is made with honeydew powder or fresh honeydew and dairy product like cream or milk. With a sweetener like sweetened condensed milk, you’ll want another right away!

Honeydew milk tea is tasty and light, perfect for those who like something sweeter.


Have you tried any of these bubble tea and boba flavours? They’re some of the most popular choices and are worth trying if you’ve never had bubble tea before. You can go through this list and pick out your favourite flavour or just choose one at random!

Have you tried these flavours? Tell us which one is your favourite in the comment section below. Make sure to share this article with your friends to get them hooked. Thanks for reading!


What is the sweetest milk tea flavour?

The sweetest milk tea flavour is brown sugar. It has a strong taste and is not too sweet. The second sweetest milk tea flavour is strawberry milk tea, which has a sweeter taste than brown sugar but is not as sweet as other flavours. The third sweetest milk tea flavour is chocolate, which tastes like melted dark chocolate and has a vibrant texture that lingers in your mouth for a long time.

Does milk bubble tea taste good?

Milk bubble tea is a popular drink in East Asia. It is made of black or green tea, milk, and sugar. The most common flavour is the original black tea with milk. The taste of milk bubble tea varies depending on the person’s taste buds. For some people, it tastes good, while for others, it doesn’t.

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