How To Drink Bubble Tea

Drink Bubble Tea

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Bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe that blends tea with milk and fruit (and fruit juices). It can also include tapioca pearls and more! It’s recently become trendy in the UK but has been around for a while in countries like China, where it’s been a popular drink since the 1980s.

Tapioca pearls, which usually sit at the bottom of the cup, are soft and chewy with consistency between jelly and chewing gum. You can order different colored pearls, and they are usually black or white but sometimes transparent. This makes it look similar to a passionfruit when mixed with the drink.

If you have seen this drink around and want to try it, there might be some confusion about the whole consumption thing. Honestly, I understand the confusion. The tapioca balls, the staws, the bubbles…. might seem too much.

So if you are new to drinking bubble tea, we are here to help you start off on the right foot. Let’s start with the basics.


How To Drink Bubble Tea


Get your order in

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If you’re unsure of what you want to have, think about what type of tea you like most. Ask around for the various flavors available and choose what you like.

Do you want to milk in your tea?

Milk and tea are a good combination, but they can also weaken the flavor of many drinks. But the sweetest part is that adding milk and fruit to your beverage allows for a refreshing, fruity take on iced tea or juice.

How sweet do you want your bubble tea to be?

Many bubble tea shops offer five different sweetness levels depending on your preference, but these flavors might already contain the sweetener you see listed on the menu. Be sure to check the nutrition label before deciding which level you want!

Tip: try getting less or none of the ice in your drink. It should maximize the amount of boba you can get in every cup.

If you want to play it safe, you can always fall back on the classic milk tea boba – a drink consisting of milk tea and tapioca balls.

Use that straw like a pro.

Whether hot or cold, most bubble tea drinks come in a sealed plastic casing, so take care when opening them up. I’ve seen too many people put too much air into their drink at this stage, but here’s how you can avoid that: don’t hesitate!

Make sure that the pointed end faces downward and stab the straw through the opening in one swift motion to get the most out of your straw. If you hesitate, you could make a small hole not big enough for your straw but big enough for your drink to spill onto an unintended area.

If you try to drill a hole through the lid of your drink slowly, it will just start spilling out.

Remember to chew

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The key to good boba is the topping. The idea is to be a little chewy to provide that traditional Taiwanese feel, not too challenging and not too soft either. But it really can’t be helped when people think they can eat the topping all at once!


Drinking boba is often a social experience, as it is for catching up with friends or even dating!


There you have it! We hope that the steps mentioned regarding how to drink bubble tea will help you in your first drink! Leave a comment based on your experiences!



Do you have to drink bubble tea immediately?

Many people have asked if it is necessary to drink bubble tea immediately after tasting it for the first time. One of the most common questions is if the drink must be consumed within a specific time.

The answer to this question is no. It is not necessary to drink bubble tea immediately after tasting it for the first time, but many people do because they want to enjoy their new favorite drink as soon as possible.


Do you chew boba or swallow?

The answer is the latter.

The popularity of bubble tea in the West has led to more people trying it. Some people are still not sure if they should chew or swallow. Some say it’s healthier to swallow because there is less air in the drink. Others say that chewing is better.

What are boba straws?

For drinking milk tea with boba pearls, you use a boba straw or bubble tea straw. Tapioca pearls require a wider opening for these delicious add-ons, which is why these straws are a little wider than regular drinking straws.

Why are boba straws pointy?

Boba tea film is pierced by the pointed tip on this straw. Its sturdy plastic construction ensures durability, and its sleek black color adds a sense of sophistication to any establishment.

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