Our Story

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This story is quite similar to the other great businesses that our co-founder, Deepak Shukla, has successfully grown over the years. It started from a single sip that he never knew would change his life.

Let’s go back to about 7 years ago when he was strolling through the pavements of Soho, London. While checking out the bustling street, Deepak decided to buy a drink called “bubble tea”. 

Technically, he thought that the drink was very much a good variety of the traditional teas that a British Indian guy like him would sip. Not to mention, he’s an occasional fan of iced tea that refreshes the mind and body. He thought that the drink was fun and really enjoyable! By that time, he never knew that the first stroke of fate had already brushed upon him

Now, Deepak was intrigued, and so briefly, he brought it up with his business partner Axel about it. Not surprising, though, since bubble tea and coffee are quite similar.

But they didn’t start on it quite yet. Nah-uh-uh. They first tried it out by just putting signage at the front of the cafe shop that says “Bubble Tea”

That’s because, with this method, they knew that the area was indeed a good place to offer bubble tea. And sooner on, Pearl Lemon Boba came to life as more and more people were looking for the great bubble tea.

But, of course, it did not stop there. When Deepak and Axel saw that the market was rich in the area, they weren’t just about to enter a business they weren’t familiar with. So they took up master classes for making bubble tea, built a business plan that would make a good pitch, sourced the best people to help, and most especially, learned the ins and outs of the business through research, research, and more research.

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Well, they’re both a hard-working bunch, so when Pearl Lemon Boba REALLY launched, it was a life-changing moment for both of them!

If you want to try that same life-changing bubble tea, then why don’t you drop by and have a sip from our selection? We’re always ready to make your cup any way you like it!